Thierry BRUET - Dandy Sculpteur, Pastel / paper 100x70

Title : Dandy Sculpteur
Dry Pastel on Canson Paper
100 cm x 70 cm, black wooden frame
Original Painting, unique piece
Thierry Bruet is a French Parisian artist who has developed an oeuvre of lush classically influenced paintings that are witty and sarcastic, meticulously observed and constructed with traditional painting techniques. His works can be found today in many private collections and prestigious places throughout the world. 

2016 Thierry Bruet was honored by the Grand Prix Fernand Cormon, Taylor Foundaiton, Paris.

3,800.00 EUR

Tags: colorfuldry pastelfigurativeFranceFrenchold masteroriginalParispastelsculptorThierry Bruet

Type: Drawing s   

Vendor: Thierry Bruet

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Thierry BRUET - Dandy Sculpteur, Pastel / paper 100x70