Nikzad Arabshahi - The Observer

Artist from Iran. Title of the mixed media : The Observer.
Mixed media : painting, airbrush, silk screen and engraving. Varnish protects the surface.
Dimensions without frame 130 cm x 130 cm. Black wooden frame. ready to hang.

Artwork reflecting the difficulty and obstacles to change entrenched knots of premises and history in Gordian bundles. His paintings are calligraphy and reminiscent of ancient texts, weathered, damaged, and recovered. Arabshahi is an Iranian artist who works in a a pressure-cooker culture of a society torn between repression and hidden modernity.

4,900.00 EUR

Tags: Abstract, airbrush, beige, black, calligraphy, iran, mixed media, orient, persia, white
Type: Unknown Type    
Vendor: Nikzad Arabshahi
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Nikzad Arabshahi - The Observer