Hiroshi Harada - Hommage à Mondrian

Hommage à Mondrian. 
Oil Painting 2019. 
Dimensions : 46 x 38 cm. 


Hiroshi Harada , Japan/France, does not respect the laws of pure geometry. The lines he draws are not often steady. Contrary to Mondrian, he does not use the classic principles of the golden rule to compose his paintings and this confers more humanity and less austerity to his works. He plays with space and tries to give it not only a meaning but also a sensibility.

3,000.00 EUR

2,000.00 EUR

Tags: AbstractblueFrancejapanoil on canvaspaintingpinkredyellow

Type: Painting s   

Vendor: Hiroshi Harada

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Hiroshi Harada - Hommage à Mondrian