Nissim Ben Aderet - Hypnos - 190 x 120 cm

Painting B & W,  black marker on canvas, 
ca. H 190 cm x W 120 cm.

Free delivery inside Luxembourg
Pick up by customer based outside of Luxembourg. You prefer a shipment to a direction outside of Luxembourg, please contact us for a price offer. 2 Options for shipment : Artwork stretched or unstretched, in a tube. 

Nissim's modus operandi is a work of art in itself, because no work is identical to another and each work is made by drawing a single line that creates the world to which Nissim is drawn during his working moments. 

16,500.00 EUR

Tags: action paintingB & WB&W paintingscanvasDrawingink

Type: Painting s   

Vendor: Nissim Ben Aderet

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Nissim Ben Aderet - Hypnos - 190 x 120 cm