Jacques Nestlé (1907-1991) - REF 67. In the 1930s - 102x87 cm

Jacques Nestlé (1907-1991) - Untitled, REF67 - oil on canvas. 
102 x 87 cm. 
Year of creation : the 30ties. 
Stamped Atelier : JN/Jacques Nestle on the reverse. Any condition is a subjective description, it is not  a statement of fact. The artwork is in a good condition, some imperfections or the effects of aging can be possible.

Jacques Nestlé is a French post-war painter. He is known as the painter of colors and forms, in the same artistic vein as some of his contemporaries such as Kandinsky, Mondrian or Miró. His art cultivates a deliberate ambiguity between figuration and abstraction, evolving towards a personal form of lyric abstraction in which the artist unleashes his direct expression, a reflection of his inner emotions.


15,000.00 EUR

Type: Painting s   

Vendor: Artborea Collection

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Jacques Nestlé (1907-1991) - REF 67. In the 1930s - 102x87 cm