Anja Klafki - Ashore X Diptych

Engraving - Unique Original, Diptych. 
2 x (100 cm x 70 cm (Total height 200 cm / 78.2 in x 27.5 in. Silver metallic frame - under glass / acrylic glass. 
Ready to hang.
Anja Klafki's intent is mainly to follow the fragmentary view of landscape and to explore the description of landscapes. What does the minimal imaging repertoire consist of to define a landscape visually? How do we recognize and perceive landscape?

3,200.00 EUR

Tags: AbstractAnja KlafkiDelaware IIIDiptychEngravingGermanylandscapeminimalism

Type: Engraving s   

Vendor: Anja Klafki

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Anja Klafki - Ashore X Diptych