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NB !

Please allow us up to 10 business days to pack, handle and ship the selected artwork, based on the dimensions and kind of the artwork.

Be informed that the business shipment days indicated by UPS concern the pure shipment duration of their transport. You always have to add until 10 business days we need for handling the packing and shipment (especially for larger works).

In case we ship into your country via other shippers than UPS as they don't deliver to your country, we inform you by mail about the shipment price and duration. In this case contact us by artborea@gmail.com

The shipment carrier we normally work with for most destinations  is UPS. The buyer has the choice between

1. Standard shipment

2. Express Saver

3. Express

NB !

The difference between Express Saver and Express is that the Express shipment will be delivered in a special express service after arrival in the target city. The express saver is shipped express to the target city but will then be delivered through with other UPS deliveries. That's the difference!