Johann Georg Mueller (1913 - 1986) Germany :

Johann Georg Müller was a German painter born in 1913 in Ludwigshafen. He took drawing classes at the Free Academy Mannheim. He was inspired by the works of Wilhelm Leibl and Hans Holbein which he later called crucial to his development as an artist. Throughout his life.
Müller did not follow any systematic artistic rules and therefore retained the freedom to switch between traditional depictions of motifs and abstracted and abstract formal experiments.

1957/58 Participation at the “Biennale 1957 „Jeune Peinture – Jeune Sculpture“ in Paris (Musée des arts décoratifs, Palais du Louvre and in Frankfurt, Historisches Museum 1957/1958) as well as in an exhibition in the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

In 2006 a restrospective of his oeuvre takes place at the Mittelrhein Museum in Coblenz.

Artworks follow soon.