Hiroshi HARADA :

Hiroshi Harada - Japon / France

Harada is a Japanese painter, he studied at Musashino School of Art in Tokyo where he met his mentor Takeo Yamaguchi. Following the footsteps of his master, Hiroshi Harada was particularly receptive to Western painting and notably to Cézanne’s works whom he considers « the most significant artist ever to exist ». He was also very struck by the work of Paul Klee and Serge Poliakoff. All these influences distanced him from the received ideas of the Academy and even of the Tokyo art world. It was in 1969 that he finally decided to move in Paris.

Hiroshi Harada does not use the golden rule to compose his paintings and this confers more humanity and less austerity to his works.

Hiroshi Harada does not respect the laws of pure geometry. The lines he draws are not often steady. Contrary to Mondrian, he does not use the classic principles of the golden rule. He plays with space and tries to give it not only a meaning but also a sensibility.


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